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I still owe you one last post about Yorkshire, about the accomodations booked. I spent one night in a hotel in Harrogate but the majority of nights in several B&Bs: in the Yorkshire Dales when walking the Herriot Way, a weekend in York and then four days in Whitby:

The Cairn Hotel, Harrogate
An old fashioned hotel with a dusty (NOT literally – very clean!) feel to it where I had a large and quiet but rather dark room… The TV was crappy and I was not able to get an international connection on the phone in about 15 tries. WiFi only in the reception area which in itself is a nice place to be but in my opinion that’s an arrangement that’s not an option any more in these „modern times“. Breakfast (buffet) was good in a beautiful hall… though I did feel a bit nauseous as the floorboards were sort of „swinging“! In all, a very good deal for the price and the bus stop I needed the next morning was in right in front of it, so the logistics when setting out for the Dales were perfect.

Cornlee Guesthouse, Aysgarth
I spent the night before and after walking the Herriot Way in this wonderful B&B. It offered a very warm welcome including tea and scrumptious Victoria sponge cake. The rooms were not spacious but very nice. Important for me: reliable WiFi! The host was an incredible source of information and advice and always helpful – when organizing transport, making reservations for dinner etc. On his recommendation I had two fabulous dinners at The George and Dragon Inn right across the road. The Yorkshire Breakfast is much too much for me – I tried it on the first morning and it is a huge plate of tasty food… just not what I can take in the mornings 😉 But there were cereals as well, yoghurt and fruit so I was fine!

Wensleydale House, Hawes
The night after the first stage of the Herriot Way… and the bathroom had a bathtub overlooking Wensleydale! Another very warm welcome… including tea and fruitcake. Again a very nice room that made me feel at home immediately. Here also: reliable WiFi! Being a solo traveller (and the first guest at breakfast) it was nice to chat with the host about all kinds of places we had travelled and Germany’s 7:1 over Brazil the night before – it certainly helped that there was not too much work in the kitchen involved for me as I had learned that I can’t eat that Yorkshire Breakfast. I loved fresh strawberries and blueberries!

Keld Bunk Barns & Yurts, Keld
We were in a pinch finding accomodation in Keld. So choosing a yurt had been a compromise – but it was so much fun! You had to book an electricity outlet extra, breakfast was of course not included and I couldn’t take a shower because there was one water temperature only and to me that was scalding hot… but on the plus side: I had a yummy home-made dinner, the river down below sang me to sleep and I woke to the light coming through the ceiling glass. Which was very much okay as I was so knackered after that second stage I was in my very comfortable bed very soon! To some it might be important to know: there’s no network for anything. In a nutshell: I’d book that again.

Arkleside Guest House, Reeth
Very warm welcome here, a comfy bed… but as I was late coming in and exhausted from the day I forgot to ask some essential questions when checking in and as there was no „manual“ as in all other places before, I was left not being able to figure out SKY TV, didn’t know about WiFi… and also forgot to take pictures! Breakfast included the best fruit salad ever, in a room overlooking the valley and the sparrows fighting over the left over toast in the garden. In all, it was certainly good but a tad too expensive compared to the other B&Bs in the Dales.

Queen Anne’s Guesthouse, York
Somehow, the website let me expect more. It was in a good, easy to find location, the hosts were welcoming as well (loved the flexible check-in) and there was nothing to wish for when it comes to equipment etc. But the breakfast – if you don’t go for eggs and other cooked food in the morning – was carefully uninspired… while a TV was blaring that nobody paid attention to. I might have been spoiled by the Dales‘ B&Bs but this had a loveless feel to it by comparison, somehow it wasn’t „whole“ if that means anything to anyone. And, also in comparison (though I don’t know the general price level in York), it felt hugely overpriced. And you would think I’d come out seeing things through rose-colored glasses after Germany won the World Cup…

The Leeway, Whitby
I guess I can say that this is a B&B that leaves nothing to be desired. Warm welcome with delicious cake, a fantastic room with a number of outstanding amenities (I totally fell in love with the lavender pillow mist…) – just a look at the room’s folder with suggestions for activities says it all: on top you will find their own circular walk, starting out at their front door. Excellent breakfast, including daily specials (I tried the peanut butter pancakes with bananas and maple syrup one morning, it was delicious). It definitely was the treat we had intended it to be at the end of our trip!

3 Kommentare zu “Yorkshire | Accomodation

  1. Hallo Barbara,
    beim Stöbern auf dem „WandernBonn“ Blog bin ich auf deinen Kommentar gestoßen und habe gesehen, dass duch auch im letzten Juli In den Yorkshire Dales warst. Natürlich habe ich sofort nach deinem Artikel gesucht. Bei den vielen Bildern wurde mir „ganz warm ums Herz“. Der Urlaub in Yorkshire gehört zu den schönsten, die ich jemals gemacht habe. Das Wandern dort über die Hügel, oft ganz ohne Weg ist wirklich etwas besonderes.
    Ich werde sicher noch öfter hier vorbeikommen und mir deine Fotos ansehen!
    Viele Grüße



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