Not a creature was stirring

Es ist eindeutig mal wieder Zeit für die Teilnahme an einer Challenge! Und bei den Jingle Belles gab es genau das, wozu mein 3D-Bild passt: „creatures“, also… hm, Geschöpfe. Das Thema ist „Not a creature was stirring“ aus dem Gedicht „The Night before Christmas“. Und was könnte ruhiger aussehen, als eine schlafende Katze? Wobei die Vögel so ein bisschen aussehen, als könnte es damit bald vorbei sein…

It’s clearly high time I participated in a challenge again! And over at the Jingle Belles it looked as if they knew what I had on my desk: a cute 3D image of a cat sleeping in a birdhouse… „Not a creature was stirring“ – a sleeping cat is as good as it gets when it comes to peacefulness, isn’t it? But then the birds look as if they had some mischief on their minds…

Erstaunlich, wie wenig nach 3D das auf dem Foto aussieht. Wie auch immer: der Empfänger dieser Karte steht jedenfalls schon fest! Und immer dran denken, es ist schon Mittwoch – Bergfest!

Amazing how little the 3D technique shows on this photo. Anyway: the recipient of this card is already set! And don’t forget: it’s already Wednesday – hump day!


10 Kommentare zu “Not a creature was stirring

  1. This is beautiful Barbara! I just love that image…next to moose cats and birds are some of my favorite animals! I dont think my cats would be sleeping though if they were surrounded by birds, LOL.

    Beautiful card and also, thank you for the kind comment on my card, I appreciate it! Hope you are having a great day!


  2. Wow this is a super cool card! I really love that image, is it computer printed on acetate? Very cool, and I agree, those birds look like they are up to no good! 😉 Thanks for popping by my blog!


    • Thanks! As for the technique: it’s actually just printed paper in four layers with those pads inbetween… that’s why it’s a 3D image. Gotta take a picture from the side sometime so that it shows!


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