Es kommt mir vor, als hätte ich das wenige „Vintage-fähige“ Material, das ich besitze, einzig und allein für die alljährliche Challenge zu diesem Thema bei den Jingle Belles, dieses Jahr unter dem Titel „Spirits of Christmas Past“. Es wurde eine lange Nacht…

Sometimes I think that whatever little supplies I have that could be used to create vitage-style cards only ever gets taken out once a year: for the annual vintage challenge over at the Jingle Belles, this year called „Spirits of Christmas Past“. It was a long night…

Einmal dabei, habe ich noch ein zweites Exemplar gemacht – und die Reste des Spruchbands innen verwertet:

Once I was at it, I made a second card of (almost) the same design – and used a remaining piece of that sentiment banner inside:

Es war schon nach Mitternacht, als ich dann auch noch ein weiteres Motiv verarbeitet habe:

It was past midnight already when I started on a second motif:

Weil sie so schön passen, stelle ich sie auch bei ABC Christmas Challenge ein, wo es heißt: „People, Quick and/or Red“. Und euch nun einen schönen Restsonntag!

I will also enter them over at ABC Christmas Challenge where it’s about „People, Quick and/or Red“. And now: enjoy what’s left of your Sunday!


6 Kommentare zu “V-V-V-Vintage…

  1. I know exactly what you mean: just like you, I struggle creating Vintage-style cards, but I also know I feel happy when I manage to pull it off for the annual Vintage JB challenge. This time, I have set myself the goal to create a CAS card with a vintage looka and feel (not sure how yet), but I may also create another one using the stack of papers that I still have. I think your last card turned out even better than the first two. Love the soft, vintage colours and the texture. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!
    Marianne x


  2. i really really think you should get your vintagey ingredients out more often, because look how BEEEEAUTIFUL your cards are!!! seriously WOW! so pleased you could join our old fashioned xmas fun at JINGLE BELLES! ❤


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