Wir haben den perfekten Sommer! Und ich konnte mich heute nicht zu größeren Outdoor-Aktivitäten aufraffen… warum nur? Aber immerhin habe ich mich von der aktuellen Challenge bei ‚Tis The Season inspirieren lassen. Die Anforderung: eine Karte in sand, navy und „concord“. Das musste ich erstmal recherchieren. Es blieb uneindeutig, manchmal eher blau, manchmal eher lila.

We have the perfect summer – and they say it’s come to stay! And still I couldn’t bring myself to be active outdoors in any way… I wonder why? At least I was inspired by the current challenge over at ‚Tis The Season, which is all about sand, navy and concord. I had to do some research into what concord actually is… but the results were equivocal, sometimes more of a blue, sometimes more of a purple.


Und nach der Vollendung merke ich, dass ich sie auch als zweiten Beitrag bei den Jingle Belles einstellen kann, denn ich habe keine Design-Papiere verwendet. Genießt den Sommer!

And after I had finished it I noticed that it can also be my second entry over at the Jingle Belles, where this fortnight is all about cardstock (no design papers). Enjoy summer!


11 Kommentare zu “Concord…

  1. if you had asked me 5 minutes ago i might not have immediately known what constituted „concord“ either… but looking at your card has totally cleared that up for me! this is definitely concord and definitely BEAUTIFUL!!! i love the design you’ve created with the strips of cardstock, as well, that is so dynamic! thanks for joining our „cardstock christmas“ fun at JINGLE BELLES! ❤

    Gefällt mir

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