Danke / Thank you

Für das Kuchenbuffet zum 85. Geburtstag meines Vaters hatte ich ein paar fleißige Helfer, denen ich ein kleines Dankeschön geben wollte (und glaubt mir, es fiel mir sehr schwer, die Dankeschöns nicht selbst zu vertilgen!)

I had a few helping hands when it came to making a cake buffet for my Dad’s 85th birthday and wanted to give them a little Thank You (and believe me, it was all could do not to take care of these Thank Yous myself!).


Also habe ich mir diese Verpackungen einfallen lassen, aus den Augen, aus dem Sinn:

So I thought up these boxes, out of sight, out of mind:


Die Taktik war in jederlei Hinsicht erfolgreich 😉 Habt eine gute Woche!

This strategy proved successful in every way;) Have a good week!


3 Kommentare zu “Danke / Thank you

  1. Love your chocolate boxes Barbara-this is so strange,I had two bars of Lindt chocolate for my Birthday last week 🙂 One of them has disappeared(I WONDER WHERE??)And the other has been staring at me from the kitchen unit-I kept looking at it thinking I could do a Blog post on how to wrap them,and today I have found a tutorial on Youtube so I am going to have a play! You have wrapped your up so pretty,I am sure your helpers were thrilled(but how did you keep all those lovely bars intact all that time lol!!)
    Nessa xxxxx

    Gefällt mir

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