Lantern Festival

Der Artikel könnte auch heißen: „Darum, Teil 2“. Deswegen mag ich Postcrossing. Besonders, wenn die ausgefallenen Karten auch noch mit interessanten Texten versehen sind:

The title of this article could also be: „That’s why, part 2“. That’s why I like postcrossing. And especially when the unusual cards also have an interesting text:

This is from Taiwan, an island country in Asia which is famous for its delicacies. On the postcard are the big lanterns we made on Lantern Festival writing our wishes on them. The event is especially famous taking place in Ping Xi. Have you seen a Pixar animation called „Tangled“? Maybe the idea of „floating lights“ (lanterns) is derives from Taiwan’s lantern festival? The difference between them is that lanterns in Taiwan R much more bigger than those in the movie.

Morgen ist Freitag!
Friday will be here tomorrow!

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