Snowmen in green

It has finally happened: I have found a community that seems to be just about as crazy about Christmas as I am… creating „Christmas cards all year round“! That’s the end of being defensive about this hobby 🙂

They do a challenge every month and for the month of March the idea was to create five cards that are mainly green and feature a snowman. It was something I would never have thought of: to me, snowmen somehow go with blue… probably having in mind ice that has a blue hue or the perfect blue sky of a winter day. Or just that green is associated with spring, with all the fresh flowers etc. Whatever. But thanks so much for suggesting this – I really like the combination and am happy that I was pushed towards trying!

One of the cards also is in this week’s CPS 157 challenge.. I had already published it here but will add it again into my display here.

Green Christmas No 1 - loosely based on the circle design of the CPS challenge #157

Cardstock: Artoz
Other papers: unknown origin
3D images: KARS
Glitter: Stickles Glitter Glue

Green Christmas No 2

Cardstock: Paper Source
Background paper: K&Company Peppermint Twist
3D image: Die Idee

Green Christmas No 3

Cardstock and papers: unknown origin
3D image: Die Idee

Green Christmas No 4

Cardstock: Artoz
Other papers: unknown origin
3D image: last year’s wrapping paper
Stars: Weltbild

Green Christmas No 5

Cardstock: Clairefontaine Pollen
Dark green paper: Artoz
Other papers: unknown origin
3D image: Kreativ mit Karten magazine
Felt stars: Zeeman

4 Kommentare zu “Snowmen in green

  1. Wow you sure make snowmen look good! Just adore each different one but number 4 is the cutest! So glad you joined in the fun at Christmas Cards All Year Round, it’s going to be wonderful to have so many cards ready for Christmas this year!



  2. LOVE your cards!!! Your snowmen totally rock!!

    Thanks for participating in the Christmas Cards All Year ‚Round challenge last month.Be sure to check out the new challenge posted today!


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