Winter, endlich! / Winter, finally!

Und ich war zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort! Leider ohne Zeit für einen ausgedehnten Spaziergang, aber ich habe mich gefühlt wie Garfield – auch wenn mich die Realität nicht eingeholt hat:

And I was in the right place at the right time! Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time for a stroll but I felt like Garfield – reality hasn’t hit me like it hit him, though:

strip2016-01-17_7 Quelle/Source

Ich hätte am liebsten die ganze Straße freigeschippt… und es schneite immer weiter, so dass ich nochmal von vorne anfangen konnte – es war toll! Und ist das der selten gesehene Eisfisch, der in den Pulverschnee eintaucht?

I could have shoveled the snow off the whole road… and it just kept snowing so I got a chance to do it all over again – it was great! And is this the rarely seen Icefish, diving into the powder snow?


Aber Mensch, DAS wäre doch der Blick für Heiligabend gewesen, oder?!

But really, THIS should have been the view on Christmas Eve, don’t you agree?


Ich gehe voller Ruhe in den Sonntagabend! Ja, es braucht nicht viel… Habt einen guten Start in die neue Woche!

What a wonderfully calm Sunday night it will be! Yes, I really don’t need much… Have a great start into the new week!


7 Kommentare zu “Winter, endlich! / Winter, finally!

  1. Beautiful! I like your fish, too! We don’t have snow here but the mountains are enjoying a nice snowfall, finally after 4 years of drought. Happy week!


  2. I feel chilled looking at the picture, fish is very nice. Yangon has 17C now, it usually has around 30 C, so my parents are suffering as the elderly are not used to much temperature difference. For them below 20 C is already too cold.


  3. Hello Barbara and a very belated Happy New Year to you 🙂
    Thank you so much for thinking of me over Christmas,it was such a lovely surprise and VERY much appreciated thank you my friend xxx Christmas came and went and although we are now well into the New Year I „think“ my health is finally turning the corner,shhhh,dont say ANYTHING too loud just incase fate hears and changes it back again!!I havent made anything crafty in forever,but hopefully will be putting that right very soon-check out your mailbox in the next couple of weeks you are first on my back to crafting thank you list 🙂 xx
    Gorgeous snowy photographs on your Blog today,and Garfield made me laugh!
    Take care and wrap up warm 🙂
    Nessa xxxx

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