T is for Tree

Would you believe it? There is another Christmas card blog out there! It’s the ABC Christmas Challenge and what they do is have a new challenge every other week, the theme depending on the letter of the alphabet that they’ve reached. So they started out with „A is for Angels“, moved on to „B is for Bells“ etc. Now we’ve reached „T is for Trees“… and I wonder what will be next: „U is for…?“ Anyway, I got into the tree card creation mode and this is what resulted from that – as I had the supplies and was in the mood for it, I made two in one session.

I guess that’s it for today… or not?!

More from the creative corner

I guess it’s save to say that I propelled myself into Christmas mood within hours after returning from my business trip… And I keep discovering all those challenges! Thanks to all of you who post them! There’s the weekly challenge over at CPS and that’s what I – albeit loosely – worked on this morning. You can see the sketch to the right and below are two cards that were inspired by it.

Initially, I meant this to be a Christmas card but then decided to leave out the Christmas sentiment - because I think it could just as well be used for a December birthday, don't you think?

I love snowmen... and by now can hardly wait for snow!
We’ll see what else is going to happen in my creative corner this afternoon!