Back on the paper trail… again

FINALLY!! I can hardly contain my excitement! For the first time ever since I started working on the apartment some time in mid-June I have found an afternoon on which to totally indulge in paper creations. Pure bliss!
Even more excitement to think that by writing this entry today I also manage to participate in the September challenge of CCALR. This month’s challenge: create five Christmas cards in an unsual format – that is other than 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches… (which I believe would be 10.8 x 14 cm). I have made all my cards in 2.95 x 8.27 inches – which is 7.5 x 21 cm. And I had a blast. Here goes:

I had initially planned to mass produce this one but after two I realized I'd run out of the snowflake netting in the background. So I thought of other designs...

Oh yes - I like stripes almost anywhere, not only on my shirts! This also allowed me to make use of some of the scraps that have been accumulating here... I think I'll make some more of these cards. I really like them.

One of those days I will also figure out a way to ensure better lighting when I take pictures of the cards…

Oh and yes… I have been cheating: last night’s post on Liberia already came from home – I’m back!

Have a nice rest of the weekend!