Flowery Christmas in May

This has been one of those days when you get home from work and just need something to take your mind off things… that is to say perfect to finish the last cards for this month’s challenge at the blog of fellow Christmas card crazies. The challenge was:

Here’s our challenge for May….Since April showers bring May flowers, let’s use flowers on our cards this month along with ribbon(s) and button(s).

I admit: mine usually only feature flowers and never buttons but I decided to post them anyway. Again, I was challenged to make cards I wouldn’t really think of by myself. That will forever be the favorite part of these challenges for me. Anyway, here they are:

I guess that could have been an entry for the April challenge as well - creations in pastel colors...

Oh gosh, there IS a button after all! Completely forgot about it!

And there are some ribbons...!

I think this is my favorite... or maybe the one with the Christmas tree.

Can’t wait for June… and for whenever it happens that I’ll re-do „the other room“ and finally have a fixed creative corner…

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