Schnee ist gefragt / Snow is in demand

Nachdem ich gestern alle Zutaten zum Bau eines Karnevalskostüms besorgt hatte, wird es dieses Jahr nun doch nichts werden damit: die Einkäufe stehen gesammelt in der Ecke rum und alles, was ich machen wollte, war Weihnachtskarten basteln. Ich habe dem nachgegeben. Und es fühlte sich gut an.

I went out yesterday and bought all the ingredients needed to build (!) the carnival costume I had in mind – and then finally decided it was not going to come into being after all: I put the purchases down and then all I wanted to do was make a Christmas card. So I gave in. And it felt great.


Ich war inspiriert von Marianne of Marianne’s cards ’n stuff, die mich mit dieser Kreation schon vor knapp zwei Wochen auf den Gedanken brachte. Sie hat mich übrigens auf viele Gedanken gebracht – es bleibt anzuwarten, wie viele davon ich umsetzen kann. Die zweite Inspiration war das Geschenkpapier, das hier recycelt den Hintergrund gibt.

I was inspired by Marianne of Marianne’s cards ’n stuff fame. She made this card a couple of weeks ago… I guess you can see what I mean. She inspired quite a few thoughts by the way – we’ll have to see how many of them I will be able to turn into cards. The second inspiration was the recycled pieces of wrapping paper that I used for the background.


Es sieht so aus, als könnte ich damit diverse Challenges bedienen… entweder liegt da überall Schnee oder es ist eher wie bei mir, dass der Wunsch nach Schnee Vater des Gedankens ist:

I will enter the card into quite a few challenges… it looks like snow is on many a crafter’s mind these days, either because it’s for real or because they wish it were:

Jingle Belles: Let the flakes fall where they may
ABC Christmas Challenge: C – for Creatures
Merry Monday Christmas Challenges: #234 Clean and Simple
Christmas Card Challenges: Snow
Pixie’s Snippets Playground: Week 267 and 286 (unsure whether the use of the wrapping paper pieces countrs as snippets?)
Creates and Makes Challenge Blog: Winter Blues


Und ja, Marianne: ich habe daran gedacht, gleich ein ganzes Set zu machen 🙂 Habt einen schönen Restsonntag allenthalben!

And yes, Marianne: I did remember to make multiples 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday everybody!


13 Kommentare zu “Schnee ist gefragt / Snow is in demand

  1. Hi Barbara! How lovely to see you in the Playground and of course scraps of wrapping paper count as snippets! Luscious cards you made – so elegant as well. I did smile about Carnival, it’s that time isn’t it and our daughter in law is running round making costumes for the two grand daughters right now. I lived in Germany for a lot of years and it’s so lovely to now have good reason to visit regularly! I envy you living there!


    Di xx


  2. Pretty card! I love when recycled materials are used to make art! Hmm…I think it’s a stretch to call the one piece of wrapping paper as a „snippets“. My first thought would be little pieces of paper or maybe words cut out of magazine?


  3. Well done on your fabulous set of cards, Barbara! So glad I was able to inspire you. The white reindeer looks amazing against your wrapping paper background. I was shouting hurrah when I saw that you actually made multiples, and then I saw your comment lol. So fun!
    Marianne x


  4. oh my goodness, what a gorgeous card… every single element is JUST RIGHT… and of course you get bonus points galore for making multiples!!! so pleased you could join our „FLAKE-Y“ fun at JINGLE BELLES! ❤


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