U – is for Under the Tree

There’s a new challenge at ABC Christmas Challenge: U – is for Under the Tree. I have to admit that when I started working on my project I didn’t realize that it could be anything other than a card… but to me „under the tree“ naturally meant it was supposed to have to do with a present. What I created is a card (or in fact a series of three of the same theme) that is a present.

It shows my very favorite motive: a moose! In this case, the moose is an ornament that sits in a little pouch of transparent paper and of course can be taken out and hung on the tree – as a present.

In this sense, of course, it is ON the tree rather than UNDER the tree. But oh well… if I don’t qualify for the actual challenge, it doesn’t matter – it gave me a great idea and I had the best time working on those cards!

Same same - but different!

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