World Card Making Day

Yesterday was World Card Making Day! (So much for old news…) And I had such big plans – and then everything turned out very different. There were a few things to take care of before I was to get started on the planned projects. One of them was to collect a few chestnuts for today’s centerpiece to the left… I had a friend over for tea and cake. So I went out and successfully collected a few chestnuts. And on the way passed the Book Cupboard, or Books Outdoors as is the official English term. People stop by to drop books they don’t need or want anymore – some maybe even leave books they particularly like, so as to spread the word. And whatever you find there and would like to read, you can take it, read it and either return it or keep it. I really like the idea and even though many books are quite worn and old (just old, not qualifying as antique, I’m afraid), you can sometimes find real gems there. This cupboard is situated in a very nice area of the city where a lot of people pass on their Sunday strolls or on their way home from work. There are a number of comfy benches close by so you can even take a little break and read the first pages before deciding to take it or leave it.So of course, I went to have a look as well – I always do when I happen to pass by. And this time I also found something interesting and decided to take it home: a map book published in 1978, one that is commonly used in schools (in more recent editions, of course!) And all the plans I’d had until that moment were dust… I suddenly thought that these maps would make beautiful envelopes and soon discovered that I could even make matching note cards to go with them out of one page. Don’t get me wrong: I love books and map books in particular – I can spend hours just studying maps, I guess that’s when the geographer deep inside resurfaces – and the thought of treating books with anything less than care is foreign to me. I’m the kind of person who buys a book AGAIN when a glass of water was accidentally spilled on it. I hate dog-ears. You will not find books with broken spines on my shelves. Yet I was ready to tear apart this beautiful map book… I guess I felt that I was taking it to another state of being or something.

And then I was at it for more than five hours, making 24 envelopes with 24 matching cards in 11.5 x 21 cm…

And when I was done, I arranged them into four sets of 6 cards each, a „Germany Edition“, an „Americas Edition“, an „Asia Edition“ and a „Europe Edition“. And thought of larger envelopes to use as packaging. And thought of labels to go with them.

And then I went to bed 🙂
Take care!

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